Career Coaching

Steps you can take to prepare yourself to be at the top of the list!


  1. Make a general resume that you can use as a template to edit from.
  2. Decide what positions or companies you would like to work for. If you have a specific company you want to work for, take your general resume and gear it towards that. It’s OK to NOT have specific positions or companies you want to be working for. Some people just want a job. Some just need a paycheck!
  3. Contact at least 1 or 2 references from each of your previous positions and ask their permission for them to be listed as a reference for your work.
  4. Update all your social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc… because Social Media is your unspoken reference. You want your potential employer to see positive vibes about you!
  5. Post your resume to job boards because there are lots of recruiters using job boards to find talent.


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