Coaching the Mompreneur

Did you know you can make money being on social media?

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Lots of moms have a desire to make additional income without having to sacrifice family time. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to use social media as a way to create income by posting, tweeting, pinning, liking and sharing or blogging! As I began my research on affiliate marketing and how to make money online without having to purchase products and resell them, there were lots of “GURU”s out there that I  would opt-in and get the FREE COURSE and I started many…but it wasn’t until I connected with these women that I began to truly focus and gain real “how-to” support!

Coaching the Mompreneur

Coaching the mompreneur convertkit

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Here’s a list of women who are not only


but they are HELPING other moms like me and you be successful too!

1. Suzi Whitford – Start a Mom Blog

My friend Suzi Whitford is a mom of  3 little ones (including a newborn!) She has been teaching other moms how to make money online with her Start A Mom Blog.
Her online blogging journey started just under 2 years ago and in November 2017 she made $24,170.00 when she was 9 months pregnant! UPDATE! Suzi’s income report shows she made over $200,000.00 since starting in January 2016! One of the best things about Suzi that I can relate to is that she has little ones and does not let that stop her from managing her time efficiently to blog and help others blog too!

2. Megan Johnson – Love Family Health – Pinterest Ninjas

Megan is exactly that! A PINTEREST NINJA! She has a FREE E-COURSE PINTEREST NINJAS  . In her Facebook group that helps keep you accountable to growing your business EVERYDAY! What more can you ask for? If you purchase this course it will show you Megan’s exact steps on how she makes a consistent $10,000.00 + per month with Pins! If you want to have someone in your corner that pushes you (nicely) to success..join our Facebook Group Pinterest Ninjas Facebook Group

3. McKenzie Bean – Moms Make Cents – Pinterest to Profits

McKenzie ANSWERS EMAILS!! I don’t know about you all – but when I am working on something and get stuck or have a questions, I NEED TO BE ABLE TO FIND THE ANSWER! I totally love that any time I reached out she was there! (no matter the time zone difference.. and I’m in Hawaii) Be sure to check out her Blogging Newbs and Freebies! Her Pinterest to PROFITS   also is an AMAZING e-course!

4. Alma Bradford – Get Paid Network

Alma is 100% DEVOTED to helping you succeed! She has a Facebook group for her members – GET PAID NETWORK that engages EVERYONE! She communicates well and keeps you focused on streamlining your tasks to be successful! Alma [yes, we are on first name basis because that’s how committed she is to helping her members] is my Ace in my back pocket. Joining the Get Paid Network gives me daily inspiration and real-life solutions for my business! Not only does it support me; it motivates me!