Cooking Hawaiian Style – Fast and Easy Recipies

How to Cook Complete Meals Hawaiian Style What’s on the menu? Starches Rice, Poi Main Dishes Kalua Pig 5-10 pounds fresh pork butt 1/4 cup hawaiian salt 1/8 cup liquid smoke 2 Ti-Leaves to cover pork Place pork butt in roasting pan. Sprinkle hawaiian salt and liquid smoke and cover with Ti-Leaves. Cover with lid or foil and … [Read more…]

Meal Planning – Equipment Must-Haves!

Meal Planning for Mompreneurs: Awesome Equipment and Where to Get them for cheap! *This post contains affiliate links- if you make a purchase you will be supporting a small woman-owned business at no additional cost to you! Mahalo! INSTANT POT – Big or small – you need an instant pot! It’s the best investment for a … [Read more…]

The Best Advice for New Moms and Moms with Large Families

The Top 10 *May contain affiliate links There are a lot of books and websites out there with the “Best Advice for New Moms” or “Best Advice for Moms with Large Families” but how many of those articles are written by moms? Hi! I’m Vera, a mother of 11. My mother was one of 9, … [Read more…]

Featured Mompreneurs

mom·pre·neur [mämprəˈnər]  Enter your email for 10 FREE things you can do to make money with your blog and the Affiliate Link worksheet!   Let’s face it…any woman who can have a baby (or 11 babies in my case) and return to work is awesome. Then there are those with the entrepreneurial spirit…MOMPRENEURS! They know … [Read more…]

Power Lunch for Mompreneurs

TEA…PRESSO Is it a Tea?…Is it Espresso?…It’s Tea…brewed in an espresso machine! (I think…) *May contain some affiliate links Power lunch – Commit to at least an hour a day to plan your business It was a day that I committed to power lunch hour with a friend I had not seen since we were … [Read more…]

How a Mom of 11 Manages When They are Sick!

How a Mom of 11 Manages the House When They are Sick! List of things you MUST have ON HAND!  I am not a Medical Doctor and the views in this post are strictly suggestive. This post may contain affiliates which I may receive a small reward at no cost to you.   Mint – … [Read more…]

Pretty Planners for Work at Home Mothers

Are you a work at home mother? Do you want to leave your 9-5 work from home? Then you need a Pretty Planner! *This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase thru my link at no extra cost to you. Pretty Planners are more than just pretty! They … [Read more…]

How I made $68 with just a few clicks on my phone!

*This article contains affiliate links. If you choose to visit the link posted below I may earn a small commission from the iBotta company at no additional cost to you. MAKE YOUR LIST!   Make your list BEFORE you shop! Check iBotta to add rebates to your profile! Purchase items that will receive a rebate … [Read more…]