Instant Pot meals – the BEST “Fast” food!

“What’s for dinner?”

Sometimes as a mom, I wish I could ask someone ELSE that question!
Truth is, as a mother of 11 I get asked that question…A LOT…Sure there are times when we order pizza or drive thru, but what if FAST food was just as stress free and simple as the drive-thru?
Being a mom of 11 has given me some practice with cooking FAST, GREAT-TASTING meals for a lot of hungry kids!

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You can make THIS in 30 minutes!

Use the Instant Pot for home cooked comfort food that is ready to eat FAST!

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  1. Hawaiian Style Beef Stew
  2. Asian Sweet and Spicy Curry (Chicken Katsu / Curry)
  3. Kalua Pig (pulled pork)
  4. Pork with eggplant soup
  5. BBQ Ribs
  6. Chicken Long Rice
  7. Roast Pork with Gravy

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