KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!

KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!

Keeping life simple

Being a wife, a mom of 11 kids, working full time and running online businesses can be busy! There are lots of ways to keep life simple. Below is a list of what works for this momma of 11!

1. Calendars

This is my favorite calendar for keeping the chores and schedules written on the wall. It’s reusable and has space for color coding chores and sports schedules. Our family sets the chore schedule for the week every Sunday.


When you have a family and a full-time job, you search for ways to multi-task and when you can! That’s why I love Tailwind! This online software saves so much time! you can get hours of work done in just 60 minutes or less with this automation app! It schedules Instagram and Pinterest and has an easy to use dashboard. There’s also a help feature that SHOWS you how to use their scheduler, their hashtag finder, and their Smartloop! Smartloop is awesome because it posts according to the peak time that your audience is searching the web!

Get started here for free:

Visual Marketing from Tailwind

3. Facebook Groups

I know when you are on social media you can get lost looking at status changes and images and stories. BUT if you strategically join facebook groups that support you and you support them it can be a lovely thing!

Join my Facebook group here and let’s grow together!

Trinity HI Facebook Group


Remember – Sometimes¬†it takes a village to raise a family! Ask friends or family for help! There are lots of other families that would appreciate the reciprocation! Some days I will make an extra pan of food to give to my sons’ coaches family who is always so willing to help with pick up or drop off to and from practices.

4. Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards are great to grow your audience! Remember that Pinterest is looking for people to pin relative content to relative boards. For example below is my  Featured mompreneurs Pinterest Board. Got it?

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