How I made $68 with just a few clicks on my phone!

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  1. Make your list BEFORE you shop!
  2. If you are shopping at Target, CVS, Walgreens or Safeway you can see if there are coupons to go with the item you plan to buy. Some of those stores have manufacturer’s coupons and in-store coupons or discounts. ALL of those can usually be paired together!
  3. Check iBotta to add rebates to your profile!
  4. Purchase items that will receive a rebate on a separate receipt from your other items. (this helps with getting rebate approved)

iBotta! If you are looking for a way to earn CASH BACK on your everyday purchases, download the iBotta app (link below).

As a busy mom with 11 kids living in Hawaii, I don’t have time to spare! I make my shopping lists according to the sales ads and pair items with digital coupons, coupons from Sunday’s paper and items I can get cash back with! There are many apps that offer cash back on purchases!

The one that tops my list is iBotta. I made $68 in one day with my phone and iBotta! After creating an account, you can qualify for a FREE $10 welcome reward simply by claiming a reward. How do you claim a reward? Search the rebates available in your favorite store on the iBotta app. Add the rebate to your account. After you make the purchase, redeem the reward by scanning the receipt. Other ways to make money with iBotta is to refer friends to download the app! What a great way to share! You can do this by clicking on your profile name and selecting “invite friends”. iBotta often offers additional cash bonuses too. For example, if you share your iBotta app link with 5 people, and they download the app and submit a rebate, you and your friend will get $10 each. Sometimes iBotta will also give you a BONUS of an extra $25 when you refer 5 people. That’s a total of $75 just to share! You can share via social media or copy your personal link or code and email or text to your friends and family! After sharing your iBotta link, follow up with them and remind them to redeem a reward within 7 days so that you both get your free $10!

iBotta link for $10 FREE

p.s. You just learned how affiliate marketing works! Share a link, someone clicks on your link and you get rewarded!

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12 thoughts on “How I made $68 with just a few clicks on my phone!”

  1. I have never heard of iBotta before, but it sounds amazing! I’m always looking for ways to save, but earning money for shopping is even better! Thank you for sharing! Also, 11 kids?? You go momma!

    1. hawaiimompreneur

      Give it a try! you will get $10 trying it out! You have to claim a rebate within 7 days of the free download tho, so be sure to download right before you go shopping!

  2. I LOVE Ibotta!!! 🙂 The only thing is sometimes I forget to do it… so dumb because it’s so easy! I love using cartwheel. I desperately need to start couponing!

    1. hawaiimompreneur

      Yes! Did you know that there are more apps than iBotta that gives cash back? i’ve gotten cash back from too!

  3. I love Ibotta too. I’ve never thought about referring friends until I read your post. How do hyperlink your code within a blog post? Do you have to become an affiliate with them to do that? Thanks so much for great information!

    1. hawaiimompreneur

      Hi Priscilla! No you do not have to become an approved affiliate!! On your iBotta app when you click on “account” There is an “invite friends” tab. Theres links there for you to forward to your friends, post on social media or text to them also!! Whenever someone wants to buy a course or something ‘extra’ I always recommend they try using iBotta with their weekly shopping. They can make an extra $100!

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