How a Mom of 11 Manages When They are Sick!

How a Mom of 11 Manages the House When They are Sick!

List of things you MUST have ON HAND!

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Children are a blessing from the Lord!

When they are sick and need comforting we have found the following items to be very helpful. No matter what age they are (5 to 25) – kids always ask their moms what they can do to feel better!

Eucalyptus leaves, Peppermint oil, Melaleuca, Vicks, Johnson & Johnson vapor bath, Bath & Bodyworks Mentha soap – Any and ALL of those will do. We always make sure we have these in our home.

Some of these items can be used in multiple ways.

Here’s a list of how we use them:

1) In the bath: [Eucalyptus leaves, 3-4 drops of oil, a squirt of vapor bath soap or mentha soap] Fill a tub with warm water and be sure to watch your younger kids every minute while they are in the bath!

2) On your chest: [Vicks vapor rub] Melaleuca or DoTerra Oils may be harsh on your skin so buy a lotion or rub for that purpose. If you have a child that is congested this is great on their chest (just a small dot). I have used it with some coconut oil to run their feet where all the pressure points are located.

3) In a diffuser: [Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca oil] Use as directed by the diffuser.

Where to get it:

If you don’t have a personal DoTerra angel feel free to contact my niece – she will educate you and send you a free sample if you mention my blog! Annelysa Barba

Hydration and Cooling:

Hydration – Pedialyte, Gatorade, Water. Aside from having them sit supervised in a bath (which hydrates them thru the skin), sipping on some electrolytes will help them feel better! If they have an upset tummy it will help if you have Gatorade ice pops. If you don’t have those on hand use an empty ice tray! Sips of Gatorade or Pedialyte is always better than big gulps if they are nauseated.


Cooling cloths – “Chill Its” or cooling cloths have amazing technology that retains the cool water and when applied to the head or feet of a child helps bring down their overall temperature. Lots of hospitals and clinics give these away for free at health fairs!

Soothe a sore throat:

1) Chicken Noodle Soup – Saimin or Ramen is a great alternative that will allow you to adjust the amount of salt that is in the soup. If neither of these is on hand you can boil some chicken, throw in some spaghetti noodles and make your own Chicken Noodle Soup!

2) Kids can also soothe their throat with lollipops! Throat lozenges can be expensive and they may not like the flavor of it

Disinfecting the home:

Spraying Lysol in the air as directed on the can [10 seconds per room] is one of the oldest and best methods to kill bacteria in the air.

Diffusers running can also provide the same results!

Purell Healthcare Disinfectant Spray – This spray has a kill time of 30 seconds for Tuberculosis and kills the flu virus! Spray it on door handles, light switches, carpets or counters! When you have a house of 11 kids its really easy for the germs to spread! Purell’s Healthcare Disinfectant Spray helps make the house a little more germ-free!

Disposable Containers

Keep one or two of those Cool Whip or Country Crock containers around for those times when the little ones’ tummies are a bit queasy. We place folded paper towels in them and keep them nearby in case the restroom is too far for a nauseated child.

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