Power Lunch for Mompreneurs


Is it a Tea?…Is it Espresso?…It’s Tea…brewed in an espresso machine! (I think…)

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Power lunch – Commit to at least an hour a day to plan your business

It was a day that I committed to power lunch hour with a friend I had not seen since we were in high school.

A fellow female entrepreneur, Sandi Yoshitake carved some time out of her busy schedule to sit with me. We decided on a place in Kapolei, Hawaii that was small and quiet. However, when we got there we were quite surprised at what we were met with!

There are just a few tables and benches but the people behind the counter were so friendly and personal that I decided to DELETE my Java app THAT day! They engaged in conversation with us about our likes and what we were looking for in our ‘Teapresso’, so that they could make the best blend for us. We finally decided on drinks and sat quickly to get to why we were there.

Sandi is a bright eyed, smart, beautiful woman. She comes into a room and it lights up with her smile and her laughter echos to all corners. When you have 2 women come together for a power lunch, make sure you are prepared for the laughs and energy that come with it!

Goal Setting – Have an accountability partner

We both know that as women business owners and mothers our time has to be used efficiently. We shared what our goals were and where we wanted to be and by when.

Having an accountability partner helps keep you on track.

  1. Use a Pretty Planner


        2. Decide how and when you will check in with each other. Do you communicate best via phone calls, text messages, social media  messaging or email? When is the next time you will connect and what action items did you want completed before then

Just Go For It!

Planning is great…but taking a leap of faith is even GREATER! There are a lot of support platforms out there that can help you get where you want to be.

  1. Facebook Groups are a great place for support. Lots of people engage at different times throughout the day. If you have a question or just need a pep talk someone is always there to help. Join my Facebook group here: Hawaii Mompreneur Facebook Group
  2. Pinterest Group Boards are used to drive traffic to your business by having other people promoting your pin for you! Leave a request below to be added to my Hawaii Mompreneur Group Board so I can help you! Follow me on Pinterest and I will follow you back to help boost your audience!

When I think about the crew behind the counter at the Teapresso Bar that day, I know that we would not have had a successful meeting if they did not have such an important part in the support of it all. Like most of us in business for ourselves, our success is measured by the ability to provide a product or service to our customer. By the end of our power lunch we had made new friends, taken a Polaroid for their wall & some selfies for ourselves and vowed to blog about the EXPERIENCE we had at Teapresso Bar in Kapolei!

Well done to the crew at Teapresso Bar Kapolei!

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