Pretty Planners for Work at Home Mothers


Are you a work at home mother? Do you want to leave your 9-5 work from home? Then you need a Pretty Planner! *This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase thru my link at no extra cost to you.

Pretty Planners are more than just pretty! They keep us on track and help us reach our goals. Lots of people ask me how I do it with 11 kids, a full time job and a growing side business. 2014 was the 1st year I made $37,540 in my side business. Since then I have shifted my focus to other projects. In 2015 I worked on cleaning our credit and preparing for 2016 when we bought our first home in Hawaii. 2017 goals were to build my business and learn from women who were making 5 and 6 figures – PER MONTH! 2018 will be a year for continued learning and growth!

Follow these steps to success

  1. Choose a planner that will allow you to break down your year end goal and break it down to your daily work
  2. Write your year end goal. (2018 Goal: Make $48,000 in income from my online business)
  3. Write your monthly goals. (2018 Monthly Goal: Make $4,000 per month from my online business)
  4. Write your weekly goals. (2018 Weekly Goal: Make $1,000 per week from my online business)
  5. Every day look at your goals and plan your day to help get you to your week goal.

Choosing a pretty planner

The first time I got one of these planners I didn’t write in it for 3 months because I thought it was so pretty that I didn’t want to ruin it with my ugly handwriting. Then I realized I was wasting money and began using it and LOVED it! These planners have pages for the entire year, then it breaks down into monthly and weekly calendars making it easy to write down goals ahead of time and reflect on them to be sure the goals were met! There are lots of cute stickers and other things in the planner to keep you motivated!

There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from. Click here to get your PRETTY PLANNERS !


Using the example above, the next important step after planning your work is working your plan.

If you want to reach a year end goal of $48,000.00 you must make $4,000 per month, $1,000 per week, $142.86 per day. Are you making that now? Do you have products or courses for sale now that will help you make that money? If not, maybe your plan has to be to set up a blog, a Pinterest for business account, sign up for some affiliate marketing programs.


  • Take a free course from Suzi at (She made $39,888 in August 2017!) Suzi Whitford is the reason I am blogging today and I believe that with her as a mentor I will be successful [and you will be too!] Suzi is a mom of 3 little ones and she is amazed that I have 11 children!! I am AMAZED that Suzi has been blogging for only 2 years and last year she made $250,000.00 !!! 
  • Learn how to make money with Pinterest from Megan Johnson at Love Family Health and her Pinterest Ninja course Talk about the girl next door! Megan and Suzi were neighbors! Megan is exactly what her course is called…a PINTEREST NINJA! The beautiful thing about Megan is that she has figured out the BEST kept SECRETS on how to use PINTEREST to your benefit and MAKE MONEY!!
  • UP your GAME and GET PAID with Alma Bradford and THE GET PAID NETWORKAs a business woman herself, she coaches other women to grow their online business into online agencies! She teaches how to create a system so that YOUR system works for you!
  • Moms Make Cents teaches moms like us to start our own businesses and work from home! Mckinzie Bean started Moms Make Cents in 2016 and in her 3rd month she made over $1200.00 in affiliate income! Grab her free course here! Pinterest Primer
  • If you want to do work online read this post from my friend Kelly Loren of The Work From Home Coach

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  1. Lovely planner – I too often don’t want to start writing and ‘spoil’ the newness! Great to break down the income goals too.

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