The Best Advice for New Moms and Moms with Large Families

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There are a lot of books and websites out there with the “Best Advice for New Moms” or “Best Advice for Moms with Large Families” but how many of those articles are written by moms?

Hi! I’m Vera, a mother of 11. My mother was one of 9, my grandmother was one of 12. As a mom of 11, I have officially been a “new mom” 11 times which also means I am raising a LARGE FAMILY!

Listed below are my personal tried and true top 10 BEST pieces of advice for new moms and moms raising large families.

  1. Find consignment stores for babies and children’s clothing and furniture. Newborns need a LOT of receiving blankies and bottles and onesies and baby furniture can be really expensive, but if you find those stores where they resell gently used items (that are cleaned and laundered) you can buy them at a fraction of a cost and usually sell them back to that store once your baby has outgrown them. The perk is that when you sell them back to the store, you can get a credit to purchase what you need!
  2. Ready to Feed newborn bottles. This has been my go-to in the beginning days when you are breastfeeding and perhaps the milk hasn’t come in yet. Another tip if you are formula feeding is to have bottles with water in them and a container of pre-measured powder bedside. The first few weeks home is sometimes very tiring and having things pre-measured and within reach makes nighttime easier to get thru.
  3. Using a baby carrier helps free your hands for other things. Like holding on to your toddler and the shopping cart!
  4. Always have some pain reliever and Vicks vapor rub – baby version or essential oils on hand – especially in the baby bag. Babies – even toddlers may come down with a fever or a runny nose. It’s always important to have these items within reach at all times.
  5. Use Pinterest to find the BEST DIY for Moms to do everything cheaper, easier and faster! Want to create a unicorn theme for your newborn baby girls room? Pinterest can help you learn how to make it yourself, or show you where you can purchase key items to create that theme for less!
  6. Reach out to friends and family to help. We have all heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a family” Ask your mom or neighbor to cook a pot of chili or beef stew – (or grab a Costco chicken for you) and ask them to bring it over for a meal. With dinner out of the way can use that extra time to take an extended shower or even a nap!
  7. Invest in an INSTANT POT! I wish I had instant pots 20 years ago! I have a whole blog post with recipes and how-tos here: EASY INSTANT POT RECIPIES
  8. Use a printed calendar to keep track of appointments and meals. It helps the kids (and dads) know that there will be Tacos on Tuesdays, Pizza delivered on Friday etc…This effectively prevents the screams of “MOOOOOMMMMM what’s for dinner?”
  9. Shop online. I don’t know how true this is…but I believe the name Amazon came from the word “AAAHHHMAAZZING!” So many options to get what you need with free shipping in a few days delivered to your doorstep! Save time and money by ordering online. Target is another online way to shop that saves you money and allows you to go to the store and pick up your order in a matter of hours! There are even items that are priced lower online that can be ordered via the Target app and you can pick it up in-store!
  10. Opt-In I can’t even count the many times I have saved $50 or more on shoes or a kitchen appliance like a Keureg or Instant Pot just because I chose to opt-in and received coupons in my email!

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